Music exams

ABRSM practical exam information (July 2018)



We are requesting the week beginning 9 July 2018 for instrumental exams. The exam date and time will be allocated by ABRSM and could be on any day in the requested week between 9am and 3.30pm. If the requested week is not available, any date during the exam period 11 June – 14 July could be offered. We are unable to change the time of the exam once it has been scheduled.



The Conservatoire, 19-21 Lee Road, Blackheath, SE3 9RQ






The exam application deadline has now passed.



  • You will have a short warm up time on the day of the exam with your accompanist

  • Your child MUST be receiving tuition from a Lewisham Music tutor

  • Please be aware that exams take place during the school day, therefore arrangements may need to be made for your child to leave school for a short while

  • You will receive at least two weeks’ notice in writing stating the date and time of your child’s exam

  • The length of the exam will depend on the grade taken (times will be confirmed in writing)

  • If you are entering an exam that requires accompaniment, costs will include a piano accompanist during the exam. Accompanists are not required for piano exams and some guitar exams (please check with your tutor)

  • You may be required to purchase music books for this exam as photocopies ARE NOT permitted in the exam room. Please note that Lewisham Music cannot provide exam books. Your child’s tutor will be able to advise you further. You will also need to have the piano accompaniment music for the exam

  • Refunds are at the discretion of ABRSM in cases of sickness or injury on the day of the exam. Any refund will not exceed 75% of the exam fee and a medical note is required. Please inform Lewisham Music as soon as possible if your child is not going to attend their exam

  • If you choose to withdraw your child for any reason other than sickness or injury or you miss your allocated slot, a refund will not be issued and a full fee will be required for re-entry

  • Results will be sent out to individuals and each child’s tutor on arrival from ABRSM, this may take up to six weeks



ABRSM have a lot of useful information on their website


If you have any questions about the exams then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.