How to get involved with Lewisham Lounge Fest

It’s great that you’ve got inspired and want to take part in our first ever online music festival, a platform for the talented young people of Lewisham to inspire others without having to leave the house!


Young people’s music will be featured on one of our stages based on the genre of performance. We will also highlight some performances across our social media channels under the hashtag #LewishamKeepsMakingMusic which will focus on the great music-making still taking place at homes throughout Lewisham.


We are looking for young musicians in Lewisham aged 7-15 and 16-21 to send us a recording of them performing their favourite piece of music, or original composition from their homes. All musical genres, styles and abilities are welcome, whether it be classical or rap, jazz or rock. It would be great to see a video performance, but if your child would rather just send us an audio performance then that is still great, we want to hear from everyone! We’ll then start collating the performances and bring the festival to life!


How to send us your recording

You can send your video/audio files to for free via WeTransfer up to 2GB, please click the button below.


Send us your performance


Please include your child’s name, age and the name of the piece of music, as well as a short sentence about what music means to them, this will accompany the video/audio on our website.


A few important things to consider when filming


  • A nice bright space, but don’t have the camera facing into any direct light, e.g. the sun or ceiling lights.

  • A quiet space.

  • If possible use a plugin microphone for better quality sound, if you’re using your phone or iPad you can also use the headset headphones which have a mic built in, this will really improve the clarity.

  • Rest your device on a firm surface and prop it up with a stand, then adjust until you have the required shot.

  • Ideally shoot the video in landscape, but we’re not fussy.

  • Let everyone know you are filming for the festival, they will realise the importance and remain out of the shot!


We look forward to hearing and seeing you soon! If you have any questions then let us know.