Zoooom Choir top tips for getting started

We hope your child is looking forward to joining Lewisham Music’s Zoom Choir. To help you get the most out of the experience we have put together some tips.


If you have any questions please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.


Getting set up

Lewisham Music uses Zoom Video for online lessons – you will need to download the Zoom software/app to your preferred device. Please download Zoom via one of the following links.


PC/Mac iPhone iPad Android


Zoom invitation

Lewisham Music will send you a unique URL link to your scheduled zoom meeting via email. At the scheduled time simply follow this link and you will be put into a ‘waiting room’ until the lesson is started. We’d really encourage everyone to try and ‘zoom’ people you may know before lessons so you get an experience of what this is like.


Computer, tablet or phone?

You can use a computer with a webcam, a tablet computer, or even a smartphone. Whichever device you use will need a built-in microphone, speaker and camera or the option to plug them in. We would recommend a desktop, laptop or tablet.


Internet connection

For most people the internet connection should be fine for good quality video and audio. It is worth testing this with friends or family before starting the first lesson. If it seems slow there are several things you can try:


  • Move your PC/device closer to the router (if you’re far away the wi-fi signal isn’t as strong) or use a network cable to connect your computer to the router.

  • Checking that other people in the house aren’t using the internet at the same time (e.g. streaming video or TV).


Setting up a space for taking part

Although homes may not have much “spare space” and may have other people around, it is helpful to think about where the learner is going to be and get things set up before session. The space should be somewhere:


  • That isn’t noisy (e.g. not with a washing machine on, or a TV, or other people coming and going).

  • Within earshot of a parent, carer or responsible adult (to help sort out practical difficulties, or if the internet connection drops, or if the learner is uncomfortable about anything).

  • That isn’t an inappropriate place (like a bedroom).


Staying safe online – treating the lessons in the same way you would in school

To help make lessons safe and enjoyable, a parent or carer should be within earshot of the learner. Just as in a school or other face-to-face lesson, learners are asked to:


  • Dress appropriately (e.g. clothing worn on a non-school uniform day).

  • Follow the Singing Leader’s instructions.

  • Not take phone calls, message others, or use devices that aren’t requested by the Singing Leader for learning.

  • Not take screenshots or record video of sessions (as in schools, written permissions are needed to take photos or video).


Before joining your first Lewisham Music Zoooom Choir we ask that you read our Online Learning Policy.




We hope your child has fun!