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Lewisham Music are taking part in The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge 2021 to raise £2000 in just 1 week!


The funds raised will directly feed into our Music Made Me bursary scheme and will help us support 35 families living in challenging circumstances. Each young person will receive 2 years of access to our diverse programme of learning, events, projects and practice facilities.


Double the impact

Donations to Music Made Me will be generously matched by Arts Council England NPO, ArtsTrain and The Childhood Trust during the campaign meaning donations can support twice as many young people! Raising £2000 will mean we receive £4000!


When do donations open

Donations open at 12pm on 30 November 2021

When do donations close

Donations close at 12pm on 7 December 2021


“I have been able to interact with people from all walks of life because of our shared love and passion for music”

Emmerson, 15


“Music is a form of expression whether it is happiness or sadness and has changed my life”

Jermaine, 15



Right now in Lewisham the opportunities for children to engage in music are uneven and all too often dependant family income. We have the highest proportion of children and young people (29.6%) living in economic deprivation in England. Through state funding children in primary school currently receive one year of free instrumental lessons. However without our support many of Lewisham’s children will not continue to get access to these musical opportunities. Through our tailored programme of learning, events and mentoring we are here to change this!



Through our wide network of referral partners including social service, looked after children service, young carers teams, special schools etc. we will identify those children and young people most in need of bursary support. Each young person will be paired with one of our inspirational music mentors. They will benefit from a wide-ranging programme of individually tailored support for at least two years. The programme includes weekly tuition, instrument loan, music workshops and social events.

How to donate

Please click the button below which will take you to our campaign page on The Big Give’s website where you can make a donation and find out how it will help.


The Big Give campaign


Any help raising donations would be massively appreciated. Please add the date to your diary and help us spread the word!